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The Final Product - Helping The World's Silent Side

Roll over implant parts for definitions.
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Processor: Attached to the headpiece, it sends signals to it.
Nanofiber Sheath: Our own addition to the implant, it picks up sound waves and carries them safely over the damaged nerve.
Implant: Receives signals from headpiece and sends it down through the electrode.
Headpiece: Attached on the head, it directs the implants signals and is connected to the processor cable.
Electrode: Carries and sends the signals through the cochlea and to the auditory nerve.
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HWSS combines a cochlear implant with nanofibers. This technology allows deafness due to nerve damage to be treated. With the help of the
Sound of Pride Foundation we are reaching out around the world. Click here to see the parts of the HWSS implant.

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