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Sound Experiment


Experiment on Seeing Vibrations
Materials you will need:

  • A Bowl

  • Cling Film

  • Sugar or Rice

  • A Baking Tray

  • A Wooden Spoon

1.  Take the bowl and stretch the cling film over the top - until it is tight.
2.  Sprinkle some rice/sugar on top of the cling film.
3.  Hold the baking tray over the centre of the bowl.
4.  Take the wooden spoon and bang the tray very hard.
Even though sound is invisible, you can see and feel the way it makes air vibrate.  When you bang on the tray you make tiny particles in the air beside it vibrate.  These air vibrating particles make the particles beside them vibrate as well.  These vibrations travels to the bowl, making the cling film vibrate and therefore the sugar/rice jumps.

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