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Facts for Kids

Questions That Kids Want To Know

Why am I deaf?
There are many different reasons people are deaf and your doctor would be the person that could talk with you. To see common causes check out – “Causes of Deafness.”

How long do I need to be in the hospital to get an implant?
Anywhere from 2 days to going home on the same day as your surgery. This will depend on the doctor and the hospital policy. Ask your doctor what his policy is.

How long will the surgery take?
It will be two to three hours.

Will I be able to hear right away?

No. They will wait about one month for your surgery to heal. The audiologist will then hook up the electrodes and will find just the right settings for you.

What is sound?

It is vibrations that travel through the air. Check out this experiment – “Seeing Vibrations.”

Can I play sports?
Yes, but contact sports that have direct contact to the head are discouraged. You really should wear a helmet at all times to decrease the chance of damaging the internal device.

Can I ride a roller coaster?
Yes, but remove the external processor first so it will not get damaged or you lose it.

Will I set off the metal detector at the airport?

X-rays and static electricity can cause damage to the processor. It is best to place your equipment in the basket that is provided and not to use the conveyer belt. Rarely an internal cochlear implant device or the external speech processor will set off the metal detector at airport security.

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