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The Building Blocks

Sounds are picked up by a tiny microphone that is in the ear level processor.  Next the speech processor filters, analyzes and digitizes the sound into coded signals which are sent from the speech processor to the transmitting coil.  The transmitting coil sends these as radio signals to the cochlear implant which is under the skin.  The cochlear implant delivers electrical energy to the electrodes which have been inserted in the cochlea and are stimulated along the remaining auditory nerve fibers in the cochlea.  The electrical sound information is then processed through the auditory system to the brain for interpretation

The purpose of the nanofibers is to help send pulses and signals to the brain. We will attach nanofibers onto the auditory nerve of a person’s ear. The fibers will control and allow sound to reach the brain smoothly by letting sound waves flow over it instead of through the damaged nerve. Nanofibers are little hair like structures. When the nanofibers bend they send impulses past the auditory nerve.

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