A Multi-Therapy Solution


Step 4: Electro Stimulation Therapy

Electro Stimulation Therapy is applied to strengthen the weak muscles surrounding the spine to maintain the straightened condition resulting from the Mechanical and Magnetic Therapies.

What is it?

  • Electro Stimulation Therapy applies electrical impulses through electrodes to the muscles.
  • The hollow fiber vest secures the electrodes in place, which are positioned corresponding to the patient's weak muscles.
  • The electrodes are reversibly bonded to the hollow fiber vest, similarly to the drug patches, using the gecko adhesive to facilitate the accurate placement on the patient.

How does it work?

  • The electrodes send pulses transcutaneously to the weak muscles surrounding the spine.
  • The electrical impulses stimulate the muscles to grow stronger.
  • The strengthened muscles then maintain a straightened spine.

Diagram of Muscle Stimulation


(Purves, Augustine & Fitzpatrick, 2001)

The diagram above depicts the electrical path from electrode through motor nerve cell to muscle.



The picture above shows the electrodes in place on the torso.

Orientation Note for S2I Prototype Images: The depictions of the spine and torso silhouette (shown above) are for illustrative purposes only. The spine is that of a patient facing up, while the torso silhouette demonstrates the placement of the therapies on the patient's back.

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