A Multi-Therapy Solution


Step 1: Drug Therapy

Drug Therapy relaxes the muscles surrounding the spine and softens the vertebrae to the point where the reshaping of the spine is possible.

What is it?

  • The S2I utilizes two drugs.
  • Drug A is a muscle relaxant that relaxes the overcompensating muscles surrounding the spine.
  • As Drug A relaxes the strong muscles, Drug B simultaneously softens the vertebrae, which allows reshaping of the spine.
  • The S2I uses a drug patch with micro-needles as the drug delivery system.
  • The top side of the drug patch (as viewed to the right) is reversibly bonded to the vest in a designated location, which corresponds to the placement of the micro-needle side of the drug patch (as viewed to the right) on the patient's torso.
  • The drug patch adheres to the vest using an agent similar to that found in the common gecko's feet.

How does it work?

Please proceed to Step 2: Mechanical Therapy.

Drug Patch

The pictures below are close-up views of both sides of the drug patch.

Top View


Bottom ("Needle") View


Drug_Therapy_GreenBox.png = Drug A

Drug_Therapy_PurpleBox.png = Drug B

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