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Tourette's Challenge

What It Does

On the right the picture shows a maximized size of the T.S.P. If you move the mouse over it you can see how it would work in the inside. (The black dot on the basil ganglia represents the T.S.P.)

The Basil Ganglia

interior of brain

  Tourette's Syndrome Preventer


Caption: This is a picture of a part of the human brain.  This section is called the Basal Ganglia (deep in the Grey Matter of the brain); this diagram shows all of its parts. The Basal Ganglia also helps control movement. The high-lighted parts are the different parts that make the Basal Ganglia function. The picture to the right is a blown up view of the T.S.P., you can also see the spot (the black dot on the brain) the T.S.P. will travel to after being injected.

Caption: Right now the capsule is closed . When you put your mouse over it the capsule will open up. When you take it off it will close back up. The silicon chips detect the tic and then the tic is transported to the battery from a wire. then some energy is given to the battery and the rest is transported to your hand or foot. Another wire sends energy from the battery to the silicon chips and gears. The gears help make more energy for the silicon chips.

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