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Tourette's Challenge


Q. What is Tourette's?

A. Tourette's causes people to have a tic. A tic is an urge to move or shout.

Q. How is it treated?

A. In the past it was treated with many medications, therapy and a long time ago it was treated with lobotomy. Now Tourette's can be treated with the T.S.P. The T.S.P. reroutes tics. This means instead of having a tic go to the head, leg or something big the tic is rerouted to a finger or toe where it doesn't cause distraction. The T.S.P. takes some of the tic's energy and recharges the battery so the tic is not so big. The T.S.P. also monitors the number of tics it reroutes and wirelessly sends it to your doctor so the doctor can see if it is working correctly.


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We would like to give credit to Dr. Dubinsky and Dr. Grant for helping us with all the questions we had about the brain.

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