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Tourette's Challenge


Dr. Giles De La Tourette discovered Touretteís Syndrome in 1884. Although he did not know anyway to treat it. A later treatment for early mental disorders was called lobotomy. Doctors cut out the part of the brain where they thought the mental disorder was. Another treatment was an electrical shock therapy, where they shocked you on the head hoping it would correct their mental disorder.

Dr.Giles De La Tourette
Caption: This is Dr. Giles De La Tourette

Paul Zoll created the first pacemaker in 1952. It used electrical impulse to set the rate of the heart so it would keep beating. We still use pacemakers similar to Paul Zollís creation. He made a giant impact on the people with heart problems and he is still remembered today in the medical world.

Zoll's pacemaker
Caption: This is Zollís pacemaker
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