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Tourette's Challenge

Tourette's Syndrome Preventer

For our technology to work we need a couple of things to happen. First the T.S.P. has to sense the tic before the person with Tourette’s. Our next breakthrough is that the T.S.P. needs to be able to send information wirelessly to a doctor.  Then the T.S.P. has to be able to harness the power of a tic to reroute it to a different spot in the body designated by the person. Then the T.S.P. needs to reroute the tic to the chosen spot without the person knowing. Lastly nano-technology will need to advance and the T.S.P. will have to be able to get to the brain from the injection point on the arm. To receive a tic in the brain we would have to put an electrode and connect a wire to it to receive it. We would need to do the same with rerouting it.


T.S.P. device

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