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Tourette's Challenge

 T.S.P. device     Tourette's Syndrome Preventer     T.S.P.

CT scan of basil ganglia

Tourette’s Syndrome is a disease that about one out of 1000 people have. That’s what Tourette’s Syndrome Preventer (T.S.P.) project will try to help. Tourette’s is a disease that sends an urge to the brain to move or shout, also called a tic. This makes the victims be ridiculed for something they can’t help.   Our technology is a pacemaker type machine that runs on tics themselves. What it does is when it senses a tic it takes the energy from the tic, meaning that the tic is completely rerouted, then it takes the energy that it took from the tic to recharge the battery. It would also monitor the number of tics you’ve had so the doctor could see if it is going away. That is what the T.S.P. will do.


Click here to see the T.S.P. being injected in the blood stream and traveling into the brain

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