1) Since the CSD works as a single unit, there will be many CSDs in the injection.

To solve the problems of past treatments, where both cancerous and healthy cells were affected by treatment, the CSD will detect cancer cells specifically. First, the CSD will use their EGF receptor finder to locate the EGF receptors.

3) After binding to the EGF receptor, the enzyme sensors will extend into the cancer cell and take an ODC enzyme sample. It will then bring the data back to the ODC-level processors for it to compare the enzyme activity level to the standard enzyme activity levels of a healthy cell.

4) After the ODC levels have been analyzed, confirming that the cell is cancerous,  the p53 gene will be released through the nanotube from the p53 storage container. The genes will be carried through this nano-flow tube to the temporary tank where it will stay until the CSD is ready to inject the p53 gene into the cancer cell.





How it Works












Cancer Cell

EGF Receptor

EGF Receptor Finder

ODC Enzyme Sensor

Cancer Cell

p53 Storage Container

Temporary Tank


p53 Genes