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Biofuel Production

Pros and Cons

Money Fall


Nothing is perfect, not even our invention. So here are some of the positive and negative aspects of our invention.


Most of the changes that our invention will make are mostly environmental issues like ocean acidification, global warming, and the enhanced greenhouse effect. One way to use up all the captured cabon dioxide is to feed it to algae on algae farms in the process of making biofuels. It can also be sequestered deep in the earth to be absorbed into the bedrock. It can also be used in the production of dry ice.


It might cost a lot of money because you might have to change the layout of the gas stations. None of the gas stations have hoses to take out the carbon dioxide. This will cost a lot of money because all the gas stations will need to add carbon dioxide storage tanks. Car manufacturers might even have to spend more money to install our invention on to the car! Our invention will not capture all of the carbon either, but it will capture most of it.