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Triple C Prototype


Car Installed with C3 Technology

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Carbon Dioxide Removal

What is the Triple C?

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Our team has proposed the use of a carbon-capture technology to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions by cars every day. This invention will have a major impact on the reduction of greenhouse gases, and help in the fight against climate change.

The Triple C is made up of two basic components, a selective membrane and carbon dioxide reservior. The device is slightly smaller than a typical catalytic converter, since we are not absorbing any gases. Click here for details.

How will the Triple C remove carbon dioxide?

The Triple C will collect the carbon dioxide using a selective membrane. This membrane is like a filter made up of microscopic pores that will catch the carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide has a higher permeation rate than the other gases in the cars exhaust. That means the carbon dioxide moves faster than other gases through the membrane. The separation is created by partial pressure between the exhaust gases and the carbon dioxide will be caught in the membrane. The carbon dioxide will then be channeled into a reservoir where it will be put under pressure and then liquefied.

As shown in the schematic, carbon dioxide passes through the catalytic converter and is separated from the other gases as it passes through the membrane. Once it passes through the membrane the carbon dioxide will be split off and moved into a storage reservoir. Click here for details.

Where will the Triple C be installed?

Our invention, the Triple C, will be installed between the catalytic converter and the muffler. The carbon dioxide reservior can be located directly across from the Triple C. To remove the carbon dioxide, the extraction port will be located on the same side of the car as the gas port. Click here for details.

What will happen to the carbon dioxide being collected?

The reservoir can be emptied when you pull your car up to the gas station to re-fuel. The car will have two openings, or ports, one for the re-fueling, and one for emptying the Triple C reservoir. You place two nozzles into your car, one will extract the liquid carbon dioxide from the reservoir, and the other nozzle is for the regular gasoline.