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                        blood dropThe DiaSmart Band: 
blood dropwill work completely by voice recognition so there are no buttons to fumble with
            blood dropwill continuously monitor your blood glucose and ketones non-invasively
blood dropwill monitor your exercise exertion, heart rate and hydration level
blood dropwill adjust your basal rate based on your activity level, your quality and quantity of sleep
                    blood dropwill scan your food for its nutritional value and calculate how much insulin to deliver
blood dropwill vibrate and/or sound an alarm when your blood glucose level reaches set low and high levels
blood dropwill contact 911 with your location and all your information if you do not acknowledge your low alarm
blood dropwill contain an alarm that will sound once your DiaSmart Suite becomes a certain distance away
blood dropwill wirelessly transmit all this information to your DiaSmart Suite

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                     blood dropThe DiaSmart Suite:               
               blood dropwill take all the information it receives and constantly update your algorithms
                                     blood dropwill transfer all this information to the cloud so it may be accessed by your doctor or anyone you choose
                                     blood dropwill work only when you or someone who has permission scans their fingerprint
                                     blood dropwill have a pass out button that can be activated by anyone when you pass out. It will show a video of how to
                                         administer glucagon and call 911 with your location if needed
                                     blood dropwill be in a water resistant, light weight, hard plastic case made of polycarbonate that has a foam lining for shock
                                         absorption and is covered with a silicone skin   
                                     blood dropwill contain the following for emergency backup:
                                        blood dropan insulin pod
                                        blood dropa vial of insulin and a syringe
                                        blood dropa 3-in-1 tool that holds test strips & lancets, a built in lancer on one end & a blood glucose meter on the other
                                        blood dropa three step glucagon pen that is easy to use
                                        blood dropquick acting glucose