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Consequences __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
                                                                                 blood +                                                                                                 
                                                    blood dropEverything is in one place and easy to carry                       
blood dropBetter and easier diabetes management                          
                                           blood dropEasy to keep track of food, exercise, sleep, insulin and blood glucose                                            
                                           blood drop
Suite is water resistant and band is water proof                                                                                             
blood dropIt is all voice activated with no buttons to use so it is easy for kids and blind people to use
blood dropCan be used by people who are pre-diabetic, have type 2 diabetes, are LADA or have gestational diabetes
                                                                  blood - 
                                           blood dropIf you lose the suite you have lost everything
                                           blood dropExpense of all the technology         
                                           blood dropGetting FDA approval   
                                           blood dropSecurity of cloud storage
                                           blood dropMaking sure everything is charged all the time

                                            money          fda    cloud    dead battery