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Innovations _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

blood dropA non-invasive glucose monitor that uses near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) in the DiaSmart Band to constantly
     monitor both your blood glucose and blood ketones. NIRS will also be used to monitor your exercise exertion,
     heart rate and hydration levels and to scan food for its nutritional value.
blood dropA biosensor headband will be worn at night while you sleep to measure your brain activity, eye movements and
     muscle activity so you will know how well you slept. This information will be transferred to your DiaSmart Suite
     and used to help calculate your insulin needs that day.

 Sleep Band

sleep    sleep    
blood dropCharging will be done at night while you are sleeping using electrodynamic induction charging. A transmitter
     plugged into an electrical outlet will transmit the power to both the DiaSmart Suite and Band without either having
     to be connected with wires to the electrical source. 
blood drop
Algorithms will be calculated on how your body processes carbohydrates, responds to sleep and exercise so that
     your insulin needs are constantly being updated. It will keep track of how your body processes pizza from Pizza
     Palace vs. Pizza Castle and know how much insulin to give based on which one you ate.