Sample Screen

Red = Very High or Very Low

Yellow = Borderline High or Borderline Low

Green = Normal

Components of the Device

- Screen: The ion-strengthened glass screen has a HD LED display, has touchscreen capability, and is water resistant. Underneath the screen, there is the motherboard, which contains the programming for the device, and the 64-bit, octa-core Snapdragon 810 processor.

- Bands: The water resistant, gel support bands are built for the structure and comfort of the wearer. Inside the bands and part of the frame, there is the electrode panel, anodes and cathodes, and the glucose and cholesterol oxidase layers. In addition, in the bands, there are solar panels that allows the battery to be recharged by using sunlight.

- Frame: The frame of the device, which is the metallic colored part that holds the gel support bands, is made out of anodized aluminum for the optimal corrosion resistance and sturdiness. The frame contains the voltage bias, part of the electrode panel, the power button (to turn on/off), the charging port, the speaker, and the rechargeable lithium ion battery. The frame also comes in various sizes.

Features of the Device

- Emergency Call: If the user believes that they are experiencing an emergency, they can tap the button and the device will call 911 or an emergency contact. In addition, the device will automatically contact a hospital, doctor, and/or 911 if it sees that the user is in a dangerous condition.

- Settings: This application allows the user to customize the appearance of the screen in addition to allowing them to choose how often they want certain things to be measured. All molecules will be measured at a weekly basis, but if the user has a certain disease, such as diabetes, they can make it so that it measures glucose or another molecule more or less often. It is recommended to have a doctor or specialist set this up for the user. Also, the user can choose how often they would like their levels be synced to their online profile. On their online profile, the user is provided graphs and statistics on their health.

- Time/Date: The time/date application automatically updates itself based on the GPS location services. It can also be changed manually.

- Wifi Connection: For the use of emergency call and time/date updating, it is recommended to have a wifi connection at all times. For this reason, this device is compatible with a smartphone's personal hotspot.

- App Available for Other Platforms: The user can register their device and have their information synced to their other devices. This can also allow family members and track the user's health.

How does it work?

Glucose and Cholestrol

1. The electrodes attract ions from the blood, bringing glucose and cholesterol to the surface of the skin.

2. The glucose and cholesterol get oxidized by the layers of oxidative enzymes, allowing the released electrons to pass a current in proportion to the glucose/cholesterol concentration through the electrode panel.

3. The levels of glucose and cholesterol get displayed on the screen for the user to view.

Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, and Blood Urea Nitrogen

1. The voltage bias tip scans across the surface of the skin, causing changes in its current as it encounters atoms of sodium, potassium, chloride, and blood urea nitrogen from atoms in the blood vessel. These changes in current produce bumps, shapes, and colors in an image of atoms.

2. The atoms of these images get counted over a long period of time and the average amount of each type of atom is calculated.

3. The levels of the nutrients get displayed on the screen for the user to view.