Development of the Electrode Panel

One breakthrough needed is the development of a stronger electrode that can fight through the multiple layers and the low permeability of the human skin. These layers and this property of low permeability is the primary reason why proposed technology doesn’t exist today. Since our device requires the extraction of electrons from inside the actual blood vessel beneath the skin layers all the way up to the outside surface of the skin, it makes the function of our future technology so difficult to create. This is the reason why, with some uncertainty, we propose that a stronger charged electrode will be able to send a mild current through the layers of the skin and target the contents of the blood vessel directly.

Development of the Voltage Bias

In order for the voltage bias to be able to detect and count the atoms of the actual blood vessel itself, it would have to have a strong enough charge to go through the layers of the skin. Current scanning tunneling microscopes (STM) uses the concept of extracting electrons from a sample to produce an image of the different type and the amounts of atoms in the sample. However, the tips of current STMs only work when very close to the surface of the sample. This is why this breakthrough of a stronger voltage bias would be necessary to go to the blood vessel directly.