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Contains all addresses in any city in the world.
Photo of MiraclEyes mapping cartridge.
  • Download directions on the cartridge using your home computer.
  • Chose the city and language you want directions spoken in.
  • Clip the mapping cartridge to the cell phone and your off!


Vibrates to indicate location of nearby objects.
Photo of MiraclEyes belt and cell phone on user's waist.


  • Wear it under you clothing! Belt is light-weight and adjustable.
  • Sense objects in a 360 circumference,               up to 7 feet high and 10 feet away.
  • Adjust intensity of belt vibration.
  • Turn on/off any of the four sections on the belt which vibrate (front, back and sides).


Request & hear walking directions.
Photo of MiraclEyes earpiece and microphone on user's head.
  • Request walking directions using the wireless microphone.
  • Receive step by step walking directions to any city in the world through the earpiece.
  • Listen for beep in the earpiece to let you know you've reached an intersection.  MiraclEyes will then give you the next set of walking directions.



Photo of MiraclEyes cell phone.
  • Direct 911 Access. Say "911" into the microphone and the cell phone will dial 911.
  • Receive immediate assistance from local police, fire or ambulance.
  • Cell phone also be used to make regular phone calls.



Photo of user with MiraclEyes equipment on.
  • Say "FIND" and MiraclEyes will beep to help you find misplaced equipment.
  • Say "LOCATE" and MiraclEyes will tell you the address where you are standing.
  • Say "INFO" and MiraclEyes will review the instructions on how to operate it.


"The heart of the MiraclEyes 3000 is a guidance system that gives the visually impaired confidence, independence and mobility."