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Photo of boy with MiraclEyes' equipment on walking out of his house.


Michael needs to pick up some milk at Ryers, the general store in town.  He puts on the MiraclEyes equipment and says "9 Mahoney Way.



TWOPhoto of boy at a street intersection.

The voice synthesizer tells Michael how to get to town.  "Take a right out of 20 Trulli Trail and walk 1/4 mile to the intersection of Sutera Street."  The GPS receiver in the cell phone constantly tracks Michael's exact location.


Photo of boy at general store.


Michael hears a beep in the earpiece to let him know he's reached the intersection of Sutera Street.  The voice synthesizer gives him the next set of directions and continues until he reaches his destination.

Photo of boy with hurt ankle and another boy helping him.FOUR

On his way home Michael twists his ankle and needs medical attention, so he says, "911" and is connected to a local operator. He speaks into the microphone and says he needs an ambulance.  He receives medical attention quickly.


"The MiraclEyes 3000 makes mobility a reality by providing real-time walking directions, feed back on the user's progress, and a way to get help, if needed."