Historical evolution of powered vehicles and catalytic converter.
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1335-The first wind powered vehicles are created by Guido Da Vigevano in Italy. Return to timeline (Botorff)

1876-The first gasoline motor engine is created by Nicolaus August Otto. Return to timeline  (Mary Bellis)

1948-Eugene Foundry founds Oxy-Catalyst Inc. The goal of the company is to create catalysts that clean up car exhausts. Return to timeline (Palucka)

1959-After years of research and development, Eugene Foundry created the catalytic muffler. The device was supposed to reduce harmful car emissions, but the lead in earlier forms of gasoline caused the device to malfunction. Return to timeline (Palucka)
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1970- The Clean Air Act is signed into law. It requires the EPA to monitor and enforce the limitations of harmful car exhausts (Palucka)Return to timeline

1975- The first catalytic converter is created by John Mooney
and Carl Keith. This device is later known as the two-way catalytic converter.  It reduces carbon monoxide and unburned hydrocarbons (unburned fuel).
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catalytic converter
1981- In order to keep up with the
standards of the Clean Air Act, the three-way catalytic converter is created by John Mooney and Carl Keith to reduce nitrogen oxides.
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