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The reaction causes the reactants to reach a temperature of 2000 degrees Celsius(Toreki).  As well, the reaction emits a bright light.  Surrounding the chamber are three layers.  The innermost layer is made of a see-through material embedded with quantum dots.  When the quantum dots are manufactured in a certain way, they emit light when heated to a high temperature (Poole & Owens).  The second layer contains a layer of photovoltaic cells (i.e., solar panels).  The third, outermost, layer is an outside shell that contains the entire assembly.  So, when the reaction is initiated by the introduction of magnesium into the chamber, it heats up the quantum dots and causes the dots to emit light. Then, the light from the quantum dots as well as from the reaction itself charges the photovoltaic cells.  The electrical energy generated by the photovoltaic cells goes down a conducting wire to the car battery, thereby continuously generating energy

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Four-Way Catalytic Converter

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