Hot Car Safety System


Future Technology in the Car

The Hot Car Safety System is a system to alert people that there is a child or animal in a car that is too hot. There will be a panel the full length under the backseat. That system will be activated when a baby, child or animal is on the back seat. The panel works with the computer in the car. If there is weight and movement and the car temperature gets over 100 the alarm goes off.

These things happen when the alarm goes off:

  • The windows roll down to let fresh air in the car.
  • The alarm starts to repeat very loudly, "Hot car, baby inside!" This keeps repeating until the owner or the police turn it off.
  • The systems notifies 911 that there is an emergency.
  • The GPS on the car lets the police and ambulance know where to go. This means that the baby or child can get help and get to the hospital.

The system knows the difference between a bag on the seat and weight in the car seat.

Hot Car Safety System Prototype shown in a car

There is a type of motion sensor on the panel. This will detect motion of the baby moving as it cries or the animal as it tries to get comfortable. It has to be able to sense small motion because the baby might be sleeping and the only movement would be breathing and maybe some crying as they get too hot. This will prevent false alarms.

This system will save the lives of babies and kids accidentally left in the car.