Hot Car Safety System



The breakthrough that needs to be developed is the panel that does so many things. The panel will need to be able to measure weight and movement. We think the panel will be made out of a thin metal or a bendable material that will have sensors and computer chips in it to communicate with the car's computer.

We would test to see if the panel would measure the weight. Once a panel is put under the seat, we would test different weights in the car seat and see if the panel turned on the Hot Car Safety System once the car got to 100 degrees. We would try weights like: 25 pounds, 7 pounds, 5 pounds and keep getting smaller until we find a weight that doesn't activate the system. Then we can warn parents of the weight limit.


hot car safety system testing alarm sound

Design Process

At first we were just going to have the windows roll down, but we decided that is not enough to save a life, so we added the alarm sound. The second change we added was to activate the GPS and alert EMS and police. This was done to make sure the baby was rescued right away. The third change was making the sensor plate run the whole length of the back seat instead of just being under the car seat. We did this so it could save animal's lives and baby's lives.