1) The TBMS will stop craving for foods with poor nutrition value. It will make you want what is good for you.

2) Children and parents will develop healthy eating habits therefore promoting a healthier society.

3) Obesity and tooth decay will be prevented.

4) Healthcare expenditures will be reduced.

5) By preventing obesity we will also help prevent other illnesses such as diabetes, cancers, degenerative arthritis, hypertension, high cholesterol levels, Gastroesophageal Reflux, and heart disease to mention some.


There are some risks in an attempt to affect the genes responsible for taste transduction.

1) Allergic reactions may cause side effects such as complete loss of taste.

2) Genetic molecular markers for fat could be dangerous since people might overdo it and too little fat could be dangerous especially for kids or if you are pregnant or nursing.

3) TBMS will act as a “disruptive technology”, this is it will force companies such as fast food chains to change their recipes and ingredients to adjust to our healthy needs. Nowadays many undesirable additives are placed in food to enhance their flavor and trick our taste buds to make us eat more of that. This change will actually be a positive consequence for us, though negative for companies since they will have to invest lots of money to accommodate for TBMS effects.

“Ask your doctor if TBMS is right for you, restrictions apply, results may vary.”

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