In order to make our idea a reality, several breakthroughs are necessary and we really believe it will happen. Just as we have observed with the sensor that is implanted in the abdomen to monitor glucose in the blood continuously, this idea was a winning (1st place) Exploravision idea in 1993 (grades 7-9).  Given the following facts, our D.A.P.e.S. needs some time in order to be real:

1) More research in the nanowires area is needed to predict growth mechanisms, chemical modifications and their assembly into a superstructure that could provide them functionality such as the sensing of food components in our case.

2) Nanomanipulation (how to move particles around) to construct devices also needs further development.

3) Assemblers (nanoscopic machines that are programmed to manipulate atoms and molecules at will) and replicators (nanomachines that build more assemblers) also need to be developed.

4) Affordability, currently nanotechnology related systems are very expensive.

5) Studies of compatibility of nanodevices with our body (what will happen if we swallow the nanotransmitter?).

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