If the D.A.P.e.S exists, it is easier for our friend that has diabetes to self control her food with this interactive technology that will guide her and motivate her.

Will help expecting moms to manage their disease to prevent birth defects.

Children and parents will develop healthy eating habits therefore promoting a healthier society.

Obesity and tooth decay will be prevented.

Healthcare expenditures will be reduced.

Since a record of everything that has been eaten could be display, if the kids get some stomach pain, parents could find out if there is some food (or excess of some food) that could have caused the pain.

Allergies could also be detected.


Malnutrition, kids might not want to eat thinking that they can free up games, our system it is also designed to have lower limits to alert children and their parents of their lack of nutrients.

Cost, nanodevices or high-tech apparatus are now very expensive therefore not everybody might be able to afford one though nanodevices are expected to have lower cost, less weight and to reduce power consumption though healthcare expenses will be significantly reduced making the D.A.P.e.S. not that expensive then.

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