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The BisungiPani will have seven breakthroughs. The first breakthrough is its ability to extract eleven different metals from polluted water using the new molecular imprinting technology that traps the metals as they move up the tube. The tube will be able to provide an individual with up to 1,460 liters of pure water per year, which will make it easier for everyone because they won’t have to replace the tube for a year. The third breakthrough is the addition of iron-infused polymer beads for molecular imprinting of arsenic (see left picture). Since arsenic is so deadly in drinking water, we have added this special technology to make sure that arsenic is captured.








Our fourth breakthrough will be a chemical retained in the tube to replace iodine, which doesn't taste good. The fifth breakthrough is the killing of viruses and some pathogenic bacteria. A positively charged polymer coating on some of the beads will poke holes in the lipid layer of viruses and bacteria making them inactive. The sixth invention is the way the BisungiPani changes color from clear to black when all the tube’s molecular beads and filters are filled with toxins. At the same time, the ends of the tube will seal shut to ensure that people won’t be drinking unsafe water while using the tube. The last breakthrough is that our tube will be an effective structural component in creating a cement base for homes. The outer polymer will stick to cement or mud, which can be a building base for houses especially in Bangladesh. This will help raise the level of homes away from water runoff during frequent rains and storms.

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