Smart Touch uses technology to help you know what to do in an emergency:

Computer with touch screen technology is on the inside of the kit's lid. The touch screen shows you how to treat the injury. You can touch the screen to go from page to page to get more help.

Packs of first aid supplies are in ABC order by type of injury (labeled with pictures of type of injury, and Braille)

Sensors on bottom of the kit tells the computer what pack you picked

Automatic on/off for touch screen and computer

The computer's built-in cell phone part of the kit can call 911, your doctor and text you when you are almost out of supplies

The dial-a-nurse feature with a camera, speakers and internet connection for video conferencing

Other features: Inventory chart, child lock option, features for the blind, touch screen numbers and alphabet to make phone calls and type questions, TTY connection for the deaf, a long lasting battery, power cord, car charger, and different languages

Injury Packs and Touch Screen


This shows the supplies in the Cuts Pack

Injury pack screen shows instructions and video.

 More Help screen with Dial-A-Nurse.

You can touch any words in red to go to another page