Current First Aid

In 2006 there were 42.4 million ER visits for accidents in the U.S. Getting hurt in accidents is a big problem so the American Red Cross says everyone should have a first aid kit.

A current first aid kit is a box with emergency supplies. First aid kits usually have an instruction booklet, bandages, creams, wipes, tools and ice packs.

Test your First Aid Knowledge:
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Did you know? Clara Barton with the American Red Cross created the first "emergency cases" in 1903 containing bandages, tourniquets, cotton dressing, scissors, textbook on first aid and more! First aid kits haven't changed much in 100 years.

Problems in First Aid

Things People Do Wrong When
Giving First Aid:

Panicking in an emergency
Not knowing what to do
Doing the wrong thing (first aid myths)
Not having the right supplies
Being afraid to help
Forgetting what you learned in a first aid class (most people forget methods in a month!)