B E I S I G H T   C O M P O N E N T S

S O L A R   P A N E L S

The clear solar panel on the eye will act as a protective covering as well as a power source. As photons from any light source hit the surface of the solar panel, they knock electrons from the atoms, creating an electrical current which can be stored and used to power the eye. Generally, solar panels block the visible light from the sun, but recent advancements in solar panel technology enables solar panels to instead absorb infrared and ultraviolet light, which are invisible to humans.

E L E C T R O D E   A R R A Y

An advanced electrode array will be placed behind the retina to create clearer images. When simulated, these electrodes transfer localized current to small patches of the retina, effectively creating dots of light in the visual cortex. Miniaturization of the electrodes allows for the creation of high quality images.


BEISight's cameras work similarly to its solar panels. Photons striking picture elements, or pixels, knock off electrons. Within the camera each pixel is held in a state of charge in order to determine the wavelength and intensity of the light. BEISight incorporates a wide angle, low definition camera to enable peripheral vision and a narrow angle, high quality central camera for detail-rich central vision.