Magnetic Nanobeads

We use two intertwining technologies to remove the pathogens themselves:

  1. Magnetic Nanoparticles
  2. Genetically engineered mannose-binding lectins (MBLs)
The MBLs are coated with magnetic nanoparticles and are then released into the bloodstream (externally) and bind to pathogens in the bloodstream. The magnetic nanoparticles are then attracted by a large magnet and pulled out of the bloodstream along with the harmful pathogens and toxins, effectively cleansing the blood.

Filtraton System

The filtration system utilizes two microfluidic channels:

  1. Flowing blood channel
  2. Slow flowing saline channel
These channels are vertically stacked and connected by a series of rectangular slits. A magnet tops both channels and pulls the pathogens out of the blood stream.

The ejected pathogens can then be studied for identification so more comprehensive treatments can be carried out in the future.


To help the patient after removing the pathogens, the EMCD will release:

  1. Vitamin D
  2. Nanorobot
Vitamin D is necessary for an optimal immune system, and can strengthen the immune system 3-fold.
The nanorobot will circulate throughout the body so that it may determine whether or not there is another influx of pathogens in the blood stream and alert a doctor.