Ethical consequences...

In addition to the possible complications that may arise from the drug, it is important to consider the ethical implications of the technology. While the CONNECT injection is not directly confronted with an ongoing ethical or social dilemma, it seems likely that individuals may feel skeptical when science attempts to undo or recreate a process of the past. For example, if a simple series of injections can restore nerve cells and their connections, how long will it be before doctors can completely change other areas of the brain – such as knowledge and intelligence? While a solution to nervous system disease may be the first step in opening Pandora's Box of possible changes to the human brain and body, many of its contents may eventually become great assets to society.

In effect, the proposed connection technology provides a much-needed cure to countless individuals at a relatively low ethical price (in that it would be difficult to oppose the development of the injection for any obvious social or ethical reason).

Possible economic challenges...

While ethical dilemmas should always be considered, the main consequences of the CONNECT injection are economic and manufacturing consequences. Primarily, the proteins required in the capsules require years of experimentation to be properly synthesized, replicated, and extracted in the lab. Even after the “recipe” is stable, the production cost of these proteins could be significant, which leads to potential financial consequences. Although the injection should remain cheaper than a surgery, issues concerning the patient, insurance companies, and the drug companies will inevitably arise. Also, the waste produced by the manufacturing may be substantial and possibly harmful to the environment.

The list of negative consequences must not overshadow the original reason for producing the medicinal technology: to help people.

Not only can CONNECT injections help patients of paralysis, but individuals suffering from various nervous system disorders can also benefit. Should the proposed product be successfully developed in twenty years, a wide spectrum of nerve-related disorders could be virtually eradicated without complex surgery or prolonged treatment. By eliminating some of the most difficult and restricting illnesses, CONNECT hopes to lead the world to a healthier and more scientifically advanced society.