While advances in medicine are nearly always intended to help people, even well-intentioned technologies have unpleasant, and often unforeseen, consequences.

Although all drugs inevitably have side effects, it is hoped that the benefits of the CONNECT injections greatly outweigh any potential problems.

Possible side effects...

The most immediate concern in medicine is the welfare of the patient, and speculation of side effects is an important issue concerning consequences. While each specialized protein within the injection capsules is specialized and specifically targeted to only damaged nerve cells, an incorrect diagnosis or other human error could cause serious complications. If, for some reason, the C-1 proteins do not correctly target damaged nerve cells (due to a mismatch of proteins) and instead attach to other cells, previously healthy cells can be destroyed (because of the MAG antibodies that destroy the myelin sheath to prepare for re-growth). Although successful administration of C-2 could solve this problem by regenerating the cells, connections between axons develop over time as a result of external stimuli. Destroying old connections in favor of new ones may result in other neurological problems that require another twenty years to solve and understand.