The impact of clefting goes beyond the numbers

Orofacial cleft frequency varies between ethnic populations:

  Asian* Caucasian Black African
Cleft Lip 1/600 1/1000
Males most often affected
Females most often affected
Cleft Palate 1/1,500 1/2,500 1/5,000

*China and the Philippines have the highest incidence of clefting

Orofacial clefting has impacted the MIROR Technology team directly:

One of the four members of the MIROR Technology development team, the narrator of the video, was born with a cleft lip and palate. He has undergone speech therapy and numerous reparative surgeries, the most recent one having occurred in late 2011.

The coach of the MIROR Technology team was also born with a cleft lip.

Fortunately, both were born in a country in which repair of this birth defect is standard procedure. This is not the case for many afflicted with this condition.