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Design Process

At first, we brainstormed for ideas. We were having fun, but we weren't making much progress. So we decided we needed some guiding principles. Here they are:

  1. Follow Faraday. All of our designs would be based on Faraday's principle of electric induction -- moving a magnet past a copper coil.
  2. Keep It Simple Silly. Our design needs to survive in a harsh ocean environment, so the less moving parts, the better.
  3. Survivability. Materials used must be strong enough to survive salt water, storms, and high waves.
  4. Don't Reinvent the Wheel. Use existing technologies and materials to make something in a new way.
  5. Keep It Cheap. Wave energy must compete with existing energy companies. Following rule 4 will help keep it inexpensive.
  6. Be Kind to Mother Nature. Make wave parks that don't harm the environment.
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