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Face Brace is a major advancement in the medical world. This unique face mask offers burn and scar victims new features never before seen in any treatment. The Face Brace promotes healing and reduces scarring in a new way.

Combining technologies, Face Brace is a molded pressure contact mask with layers to hold and dispense medications. Its pore structure allows oxygen to bathe the face, providing the benefits of a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. This speeds the healing process, preventing the need for surgery in many cases. 

Face Brace is molded out of Aerogel; a lightweight, durable, space-age material. It is custom-fitted to an individual using non-contact, surface laser scanner measurements. It is one-eighth to one-half inch thick. The depth depends on the severity of the burn.

It is tinted and painted to match the patientŐs skin tone and features to provide a natural look.

The Aerogel open-pore structure allows the easy flow of oxygen and medications to the face, yet still maintains pressure on the face, to reduce scarring. It is placed on the patient before or after surgery.

A transdermal gel keeps the brace in place, without pulling at the skin when removed, and provides a seal. A microchip in the mask activates a doctor-prescribed release of pressured oxygen mist in the sealed mask.


Medication Going Through the Face Brace

A reservoir layer within the Aerogel structure holds medications. These include pain medications and those prescribed for rebuilding skin and tissue such as Collagenase, a skin producer, and TransCyte, a cellular wound dressing that blends with cells and sweeps dead ones away.  

Medications prescribed are released in a controlled manner using the transdermal patch techology. A silicone liner controls the flow.

Medications and oxygen can be refilled using a small recharging unit plugged into a wall unit, or a lightweight backpack unit for long periods away from home.

Although it is a face mask, further exploration is resulting in the same technology now being used for enclosures for other areas of the body. In addition there are exciting new prospects for plastic surgery candidates and patients with diabetes.


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