Saving Lives With HEARTt

Photo of John Walker

John Walker is a 66 year old male with a spouse and three grandchildren, living in the year 2029. Last month he suffered a stroke that nearly took his life. Like billions of people before him, John was unaware of the plaque building up inside his arteries, continually increasing his risk for a heart attack or stroke.

Twenty years ago, doctors would simply inform John about the risk factors for atherosclerosis and advise him to make lifestyle changes that included eating less fat and exercising regularly. In spite of making those lifestyle changes, deposition of plaque often continued and doctors had no choice but to perform dangerous invasive surgeries. Even after removal, new plaque easily built up in other arteries, leaving John constantly at risk of heart attack or stroke.

Fortunately, John now has another option: HEARTt. With HEARTt, John has available to him a lifetime of safe atherosclerosis treatment contained in an orally administered capsule. Unlike surgery of the past, which was intrusive, expensive, and performed in response to life threatening problems, HEARTt is non-intrusive, significantly less expensive, and is taken proactively rather than reactively, eliminating plaque buildup in arteries before it becomes a problem.

Thanks to HEARTt, John no longer has to live in fear of another heart attack or stroke, nor does he have to dramatically alter his daily routine and pay for expensive treatments. Instead, John continues to contribute to society and enjoy life, coaching a local little league team and organizing various community fundraising events. He will continue to do so for many years down the road.