1. Improved sensor capabilities & performance: sensory components have not been refined to the point of being applicable in our invention. Non invasive technologies measuring vital statistics need to be calibrated for individual users through a truly “intelligent” artificial intelligence.

2. Adaptive & responsive Artificial Intelligence: Integrated AI needs to be adaptive to user’s needs, displaying only relevant diagnosis. It will need to be able to oversee transdermal administration of required medicine to a user. Symptoms of physical illness and/or trauma will be identified by the AI and it will provide suggestions of treatment. If life-threatening health symptoms are detected, medical authorities will be alerted.

3. Ergonomic, sanitary and functional elements: Our invention would need to be impervious to natural and continuous influences like movement, moisture, and dirt. The connective system which will network the entire device would have to withstand high levels of stress and be transfer-efficient at all times.

4. Power Source: The shirt would have to be able to utilize a discretely sized and durable power source in order to operate for an extended period of time.
T h i s   s i t e   w a s   c r e a t e d   f o r   E x p l o r a v i s i o n.