Reduction in jarring
The usage of the PCS will help stop the jarring of patients, reducing or
eliminating pain. The PCS will be particularly important for patients with
potential spinal cord injuries because the jarring of a regular gurney could
paralyze them for life. Burned patients could also benifit from gentler transfers
with the PCS.

Reduction of workers' injuries
The West Virginia Office of Safety and Loss Control, Workers' Compensation
Division website states:
"Most of the back injuries occur when they (hospital workers) lift, transfer or
otherwise move patients or residents. Nationwide, the average back injury
costs about $25,000 and back injuries among healthcare workers can total
about $1.7 billion in workers' compensation. Additionally, indirect costs
such as lost production, retraining, and sick or administrative time can be at
least four times the direct cost. Injured healthcare workers cannot work up
to their full potential or may even leave the profession due to back injuries."

Since the hospitals will not have to spend as much money on healthcare
workers' back injuries, they should not have to charge the patients as much.
This reduction in cost may make up for the boost in healthcare prices created
by the installation of the PCS. In addition, the hospital would not have to find a
new healthcare worker nearly every time one is injured.
Positive Consequences
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