The Patient Comfort System (PCS) is
made up of two room temperature
superconducting pads. One of these
pads, the primary pad, sits on top of
a gurney, examination table, hospital
bed, x-ray table, or in an ambulance.
The other pad, the patient pad,
hovers above the primary pad.

This system works on the same
principle as electrodynamically
magnetically levitated trains, where
superconducting magnets on the
bottom of the train and on the tracks
are polarized so that they repel each
other and levitate the train.

The magnets on the primary pad
and on the patient pad are
polarized so that they repel each
other, making the patient pad
hover above the primary pad.

Servo units (devices that use
motion sensors to keep platforms
level) are used to adjust the power
to make sure the hovering pad
stays level and does not stray. Both
pads are made of nonmetallic
matierials that are magnetically
shielded, so they do not interfere
with MRI machines or other similar

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