Magnetic Fields
Some people fear that magnets
can have harmful effects on
humans. Although no such effects
have been established, some still
may object to the PCS and its
magnetic field, even though the
PCS would have magnetic
Modifying Hospital Equipment
A negative consequence of the PCS
will be that its use of the PCS could
make the price of hospital care rise.
The hospitals will have to replace or
modify all hospital beds, examination
tables, MRI machine tables,
emergency room gurneys, ambulance
gurneys and x-ray tables that they use.

Healthcare Prices
Because the PCS could raise
healthcare costs, not all hospitals will
be able to use it, meaning that there
will be a larger inequality in care
between richer and poorer hospitals
than there is today. Jobless or
uninsured people will probably not
have the advantage of using the PCS,
whereas the richer or insured people
would have that advantage.
Negative Consequences
Insurance companies
Insurance companies may be
opposed to paying for the
patient's hospital visit in a
hospital that uses the PCS
because of the harmful effects
magnets might have. Hospitals
and insurance companies might
be afraid that someone would
get some lasting sickness,
blame it on the magnetic fields,
and use that as an excuse for a

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