What is the XW Inductive Charging Unit On The Go?

A truly innovative solution to electric cars







The XW is a more efficient method of charging electric vehicles. It works by a car driving into a seperate lane at a stoplight and rolling onto one of numerous plates on the ground. There is a similar plate on the underside of the car and they both have coils.The base charging unit charges the electric vehicle through a hands-free method of charging called Inductive Charging. This is the same method of charging commonly used in electric toothbrushes and some wireless phone chargers, such as the Powermat. The plate would submit a charge in the duration of the stoplight and then the person would be off with their busy life. The XW would greatly appeal to the common on-the-go type of person that does not want to spend up to 6 hours in their garage waiting for their car to charge. This would make electric cars much more accessible, and their would be no more excuses for people not to jump on the electric vehicle bandwagon and stop polluting the planet.