A Vegetable Story

Once unpon a time there were children all
over the world who hated to eat
vegetables. Children knew they needed
to eat vegetables to be healthy. They
didn't like most vegetables, they tasted
and smelled bad.

Today we have many choices in the foods
we eat. We want to eat food that tastes
and smells delicious. We have came up
with an idea that will make vegetables fun
to eat.


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The clock ticks:
Parents work hard to fix
vegetables for us to eat.
They try many ways to get
us to eat vegetables. We
can sit for along time if we
do not want to eat the
Parents say things like:

"We spend a lot of money on
food, so just eat it!"

"Try just a bite, you might like

"Some children don't have
anything to eat, so eat those

"If you are not going to eat
those vegetables than go to
your room and go to bed!"
"Mushrooms taste
like cooked slugs."
"Can I go to bed now?"