Introduction to SSS 1.0

    Have you ever been in a plane while going through turbulence? It's scary. The plane will shake up and down. This makes it especially hard for people who have back problems or suffer airsickness. We have a solution!


The SSS 1.0

Meet the Smart Safe Seat 1.0, a specially designed airplane seat to ensure the comfort and safety of passengers in the plane.

  • Our seat is durable, shock absorbent, floatable, more lightweight than current airline seats and comfortable, all attributes that will provide extra safety in a crash and more comfort on flights.

  • The SSS 1.0 works by pivoting on one large semi-sphere of strong graphene to keep the passenger in an upright position. 
  • Inside the semicircle is a chamber filled with propylene glycol to stabilize the weight of the steel cylinder within the chamber. 
  • When the plane banks too far one way, the weight hits the sides of the chamber, thus engaging weight sensors and signalling the chair to tighten its grip on the semicircle and not tilt any further.
  • The graphene is thin yet super strong, giving passengers more space and creating less weight on the plane. This will add to the comfort of passengers and result in fuel savings for the airline, as well as less pollution in the environment.
  • This seat will revolutionize airplane safety forever!