The Hearing Aid

Hearing Aids can be classified as either digital or analog. Although the physical appearances between the two are subtle, the quality is not. Digital hearing aids are far superior to analog hearing aids, but are also much more expensive.

Hearing Aids

 A variety of hearing aids









The Analog Hearing Aid

Analog hearing aids are very simple devices. They are meant mainly for people that experience volume loss in their hearing impairment, not quality loss. Analog hearing aids merely amplify sound in order to make it more audible for people who are hard of hearing. These hearing aids can only be adjusted for basic settings such as bass, treble, and volume.

Analog Hearing Aid

 A person with an analog hearing aid.

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The Digital Hearing Aid

Digital hearing aids are more complex than analog hearing aids. They are for people who experience loss of quality in sound due to their hearing impairment. Digital aids are far more advanced than analog. The sound travels through computer chips, which separate the frequencies of the sound. The sound is then processed to filter background noise and altered in other ways specific to a person’s needs. The signal is amplified in a tiny speaker at the other end of the hearing aid.

 Digital Hearing Aid

An example of a digital hearing aid

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