The Pocket Knows is a hand
held chemical sensor with
thousands of useful
applications, some of which
might just save your life.
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the Pocket Knows will
change your future.
In the end, however, the
ultimate inspiration for the
Pocket Knows was the real
thing. Click HERE to read
about how natural olfaction
works, and how the Pocket
Knows mimics many of the
features of our real nose.

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Do you have a life threatening allergy that worries you everyday?
Wondering how fresh your left-overs are?
Concerned about that mole on your arm?

Well, worry no more, the Pocket Knows is coming soon!
The development of the
technology behind the
Pocket Knows is a story that
spans thousands of years,
combining many clever
ideas and amazing
innovations. Click HERE
learn more about this story of
human imagination and
After you have learned all
about the Pocket Knows,
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and unusual stuff about
olfaction... natural, electronic,
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