Every day each of us has to answer many important questions...

Is this Szechaun Chicken made with peanut oil?
Is my school asbestos free?
Do any of my favorite perfumes contain animal products?
Is the water in the pool supposed to be warm, or should I get out?
Well, now your day just got easier! Ask the Pocket Knows.
There are many situations in which the Pocket Knows
technology will save lives. It will replace current fire
detectors, radon detectors, and carbon monoxide
detectors all with a single device. And if a fire does occur,
firemen can use it to find out how toxic the fire fumes are.
Of course, it will be used by lots of other people too. Airport
security and border guards can use it to detect drugs, bombs, and
other illegal substances. And dectectives can use it to help solve
And don't forget your older brother. A quick scan
before his date, and he'll know whether he needs a tic
tac, two tic tacs, or some serious stock in the
But perhaps the most important way the Pocket Knows will change
our lives is by making it easy for us to keep track of our health every
day. No more worrying about that pesky mole on your nose!