1. Flying Photocatalytic Pollution Frog!

  1. Bullet  We learned about a present technology called photocatalytic concrete.  It is a substance that decomposes pollutants in the air when it comes in contact with light. 

  2. Bullet  Our idea is to design new parts for airplanes that contain photocatalytic material, in order to clean pollution higher in the atmosphere, particularly emissions from the airplanes themselves. 

  3. Bullet  It’s called “Flying Photocatalytic Pollution Frog”, because, “It eats pollution like a frog eats insects!” says the youngest member of our team.


Why this project?

We are concerned about air pollution contributing to global warming and health problems!

The future of the planet is in danger because of the harmful gases in the atmosphere!

The new idea...

Another view of our prototype....  Please leap on to learn about all of our model’s parts!

Don’t worry....  We have a smaller model to show you, too!  Just keep hopping through our pages (like a frog)!